Stretching To Cure Back Pain

stretches to cure back painNow that we have a number of different exercises for stretching to cure back pain it is time to look forward to ensuring that we absolutely minimize the risk of ever suffering in the future. If you can recover your good condition and keep it that way then you are certainly going to have a new lease on life.

It is recommended that you perform stretching daily, and ensure that you are adequately warmed up before you do so, as discussed in the previous article. Please read the trigger point therapy tools article as well as the course on trigger point therapy for an insight in to how to deal with excessive back pain problems without exercise or stretching, you will find that this can ease pain dramatically and then allow you to better perform the stretching routines.

How To Keep Back Pain Free

Only we can answer this question but it needs to be addressed:

Are you overweight?

There is no doubt that excessive weight being carried around puts increased pressure on all of our tendons, ligaments and muscles, not to mention leading to chronic spinal disc problems including herniated discs. It is a large contributing factor to back pain and if we are overweight then a suitable regime to lose the weight should be implemented.

Exercise is not needed to lose weight.

Contrary to what popular belief may be exercise is NOT the best way to lose weight. A controlled diet is going to allow us to lose weight quickly and effectively and if we clean up our diet then we will be a lot less prone to back pain problems. It is not within the scope of this course to offer dietary plans but we know what is a clean diet and what is healthy food and if we are overweight it is down to the individual to address this problem.

Although diet is the most effective way to lose weight strength training comes a close second. The more muscle we add to our frame the more calories are burned to maintain the mass. A strength training regime is recommended from a health and fitness point of view and more importantly from a  back pain point of view.

The stronger the region around our back is the less prone we are to back pain issues.

This is one of the best ways possible to vastly reduce the risk of back pain re-occurring. Along with a routine of stretching for a short period of time each day a physical resistance training program performed twice weekly can allow us to burn fat by increasing muscle mass and will strengthen our entire bodies so that we are much less prone to repeated back pain and injury.

Perform a brief workout twice weekly with weights or with machines and you will do yourself a world of good. Concentrate on exercises to increase leg strength and both abdominal (crunches are a great exercise to begin with) and lower back strength and you will go a long way to eliminating the risk of repeated back injury.

Stretching To Help Ease Back Pain

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Stretching To Cure Back Pain

Stretching to stop back pain should be performed daily if the pain is not too severe. It will help to keep you flexible and release trapped nerves from sciatic pain and to strengthen your central core. Combined with a strength training regime you will be able to greatly reduce the risk of back pain re-occurring if you follow these simple to implement steps.

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