Stretching Instructions For Back Pain

how to stretch for back pain

We have now looked at a number of different stretches for back pain relief, but none of them will be effective if not performed properly and with a real sense of self preservation.

Please follow the below stretching instructions for back pain to ensure that you perform them in the most effective way and without causing increased problems.

How To Stretch Safely

There are a number of points to bear in mind but one of the main ones is to ensure that you are sufficiently warmed up. Tendons, ligaments and muscles contract when cold and this can increase back pain. To perform a stretch without being warmed up is never a good idea.

This may mean you simply have a hot shower before performing them, where you direct the water on to your problem areas. If you have access to a zero impact way of warming up, such as a stationary bike or an Elliptical Trainer (recommended) then a warm up should be performed prior to beginning to stretch.

Just ensure that you are warm before beginning.

Before You Begin Stretching

Please keep the following in mind:

  • Ensure you are warm
  • Stretch in a warm room
  • Wear warm but loose fitting clothing
  • Ensure the surface is flat and even

We should then perform our stretches in the following manner:

How To Stretch For Back Pain Relief

If you have read the previous articles then you have a good number of stretches to perform.

It is critical that you never try to stretch excessively and risk causing more damage. It is much better to perform a slight and very short stretch at first to get used to the exercise and to find where your comfort point is.

Begin with a partial movement and hold for only a few seconds, and repeat for as many stretches as you feel comfortable doing. The following day try to extend the stretch and the period of time in the position. Over a few days you will find that you have increased flexibility and are also able to hold the position for a longer period.

It is much better to build up slowly than risk being unable to perform as you have tried to do too much too quickly.

How Long To Perform A Stretch For Back Pain Relief

Once you feel that you have made improvements in flexibility and the pain is easing then you should aim for a stretch in the extended position of between 20 and 30 seconds. This may be repeated once or twice per session daily, but always with caution. If you have excessive soreness in the tendons or ligaments the next day then ease back. You will find that this will hinder your progress.

This is part 4 of a 5 part series of articles on stretching for back pain relief. Please read the full course for specific exercises as well as tips for ensuring that you get the most benefit from the stretches performed.

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Stretching Instructions For Back Pain

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