How To Perform Trigger Point Therapy

perform trigger point therapyThere are two options for performing trigger point therapy. Either with the hands or with a tool. A combination of both is most effective, but for treating many trigger points we will need the assistance of a friend or family member unless we use a tool.

We will look at the best tool to use in the next article but let’s take a look at how to perform trigger point therapy.

Finding The Trigger Points

Whether we use a tool or we have somebody to perform the therapy for us, as I did in the crick in the neck remedy,  we first need to find the points. Either with the tool or manually the way to find trigger points is the same.

We need to begin at the source of the back pain and then work outwards. Pressure is applied in the area and if a trigger point is found then we will certainly find it. The pain can be excruciating, there is no way of getting away from this. If we have severe back pain then pressure applied to a trigger point can bring us out in a cold sweat and we will certainly not be feeling relief.

But this is a part of the process and although we get an initially intense pain the feeling soon fades. We will be performing this action over much of our upper body, our buttocks, lower back, upper thighs and even down to the calf muscles. This is actually where many people fail to get maximum results. Active trigger points can cause sever back pain even if they are actually located well away from the source of pain. Treating any points that are found is going to bring about the fastest relief from pain and is going to make us feel amazing

Treating Trigger Points

Now we get to actually treating the trigger points. We should treat each one as we find it, radiating out from the point of the most severe pain. They often come in the form of hard lumps that can actually be moved slightly, and if these are found then it is time to rejoice!

Once treated you will have immense relief from pain.

Once the point is found we need to apply rather a lot of pressure. But we begin by applying moderate pressure. This will cause us pain and we may find it brings us out in to a considerable sweat. But after applying pressure for a few seconds this pain will begin to subside.

It is then time to apply additional pressure. The pain will return, but once again in a few seconds it will subside. We then want to think of the trigger point in terms of the compass. We should apply downward pressure as well as pressure aimed slightly to each of the four compass points going in a clockwise direction. Press down and North for a few seconds, then perform the same to the East and continue to the rest of the points of the compass.

How long you apply this pressure is going to depend on the severity of the pain when pressed. But as a rough guide 20 seconds or so off pressure in total to a severe trigger point is enough for one session. This will bring about instant relief and although it may not get rid of the pain totally it will certainly ease it.

As we treat each trigger point we will gradually feel a loosening of the body much like after a good massage. We will be a lot freer of pain then before we had the session, but we must not expect a miracle. Trigger point therapy can be performed a number of times a day, but it should not be rushed in to.

It is much better to perform only medium pressure for a very short period of time for the first few initial treatments. Apart from the pain that severe trigger point pressure can bring about, there is also the fact that too much pressure can cause problems in its own right.

Trigger Point Therapy Causing Soreness and Bruising

Too robust a session can lead to soreness in the area. Nothing like severe pain but rather a dull background pain more akin to a gentle bruise. All well and good if we are treating one point only, but once you begin to use trigger point therapy you will be amazed at the number of points that are encountered all over the body.

We may well find that being to gung-ho with our application of pressure can lead to mild bruising and soreness so it is much better to apply only medium pressure and build up to deeper more intense pressure over a number of days. This allows us to be accustomed to the treatment as well as to allow our bodies to heal and de-stress at a more leisurely pace.

But, and this is down to personal preference, if the pain is very severe in your back and you are basically unable to perform the simplest of tasks, a trade-off between bruising and soreness and the relief from excruciating pain may be chosen. The author has had lower back pain so severe that getting out of bed without aid from sticks and manual help was impossible. Bruising and a few minutes of a cold sweat and very severe pain from hard trigger pont therapy pressure was preferable to going another day in such a dire condition.

But be aware that a gentle approach will give the same results in a very short period of time.

Results Of Trigger Point Therapy

For many the results of trigger point therapy can be almost instantaneous. A single session can bring such relief from even the most chronic back pain that movement is greatly increased and pain is replaced with a feeling of freedom. But it is normal for a number of sessions to be needed.

But all can be performed at home and with either a simple tool or the help of someone else. We do need to ensure that we have as thorough an understanding as possible of how to perform trigger point therapy as effectively as possible so a good book is invaluable, and for a fraction of a single session performed by a trigger point therapist it is certainly money well spent. Please read the full series of articles for a more thorough understanding of trigger points and how to use the therapy at home in as effective a way as possible.

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The full series of article will give you a good basic understanding and then a comprehensive book and the recommended tool will give you the ability to eliminate many back pain problems in just a few minutes each day.

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