Crick In The Neck Remedy

crick in the neckWhen it comes to back pain relief there are plenty of great solutions here. And I would like to add in a very effective crick in the neck remedy today. The following article also applies to relieving a crick in the back. Get almost instant crick in the back relief just as simply as for the neck. This is totally from personal experience and is totally based on my many years of suffering from lower back pain and upper back and neck problems too.

Before I give the remedy to a stiff neck or a crick in the neck pain relief guide I want to give a little background as to how it happened to me this time.

I had basically been camping for a number of days and doing a lot of driving. One morning, feeling rather stiff in the back, and the rest of me too if I am honest, I simply went to lean in to the car to get something. The result was instant. I couldn’t move my neck to the left hand side. Not ideal when you are going to be driving and I basically had to deal with it.

So, what could I do on my own?

In an ideal world I would have had my backnobber, ideally the backnobber 2, with me, but I don’t have that kind of foresight. Problems like this are almost always associated with trigger points and can be rectified to some degree almost instantly. I recommend that you read up on performing trigger point therapy to see just how effective it can be. My solution as I was alone was partly to rest and do no more driving but also to deal with the problem more actively as well.

I dealt with the problem properly once I was at home but to at least ease the pain I performed trigger point therapy on myself.

Short Term Crick In The Neck Pain Relief

To ease the problem and get at least some mobility in my neck I simply used my thumbs and pressed all around the base of my neck and my upper back, including around the arm pits. You need to press relatively hard and in a very short period of time you will come across spots that are basically excruciatingly sore when pressed. This is more than likely the spot that is causing the problem. You will most likely find a number of them.

Press as hard as you dare without causing yourself to jump and after a few seconds the pain will begin to ease a little. Then press again in an upwards motion and wait again for the pain to subside. Do this for all 4 points of the compass and repeat it for any other sore spots that you find.

This is the basis of trigger point therapy and it can often give instant relief. It is best performed with the backnobber but in emergencies it can be done manually, although it is nowhere near as good.

Crick In The Neck Relief

It is not recommend that you perform stretching for a crick in the neck relief, it is often how it started in the first palace. Often it is the result of a stretched or torn ligament. And this needs rest to be allowed to heal. But it is often accompanied by severe trigger points, and this may be what caused the ligament problems in the first place because of the tension that builds up.

So, apart from rest here is how I dealt with my problem properly when I got home.

I basically got my Wife to perform manual trigger point therapy in the form of a very intense massage. Although there is still a slight ache a few days later mobility has returned and the effects of an intense trigger point therapy session were immediate.

Lying down on a flat surface my Wife basically pushed her thumbs in to my back either side of my spine until a sore point was found. You will find that the number of these spots is rather high. You may well also find a number of very hard lumps that will respond to pressure.

Cover your whole back in this way, as well as your lower neck and around to your armpits. Once these points are found and dealt with you will be amazed at just how much looser your whole back is. You should see a great amount of increased mobility in your neck and a sever reduction in the pain.

Get this repeated as often as you can, 2 or 3 times a day may be needed. If you cannot get anyone to perform this for you then use a backnobber. Remember that rest is also needed and never try to force movement in your neck, the cure for a crick in the neck so that you cannot turn your head to the left or the right is rest along with dealing with the trigger points that have built up causing muscular contractions and a lower range of movement.

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